Survivors of Infidelity and Partners of Sex Addicts Therapy Group

Meeting Time:  Tuesdays 9-10:45 am

This group is for all female partners of sex addicts or partners who have been impacted by infidelity. The group process includes a combination of sharing, feedback, and workbook activities. The primary goals of the group are to identify and honor the partner’s reality, work toward healing the trauma of betrayal, focus on self-care, learn and establish personal and relational boundaries, gain support from others in similar situations, and gain personal empowerment.  The group provides a safe, caring, and nurturing environment that promotes healing and growth towards the goals for more peace, joy, love, and passion in one’s life. The group is ongoing and facilitated by Erin.  An Individual pre-screening session is required for clients not currently in individual therapy with Erin. Group participants will participate in individual counseling at least twice a month with Erin or their existing therapists. Contact Erin for more information.


Erin Wysong

MS, LPC, NCC, CSAT, CPTT Candidate


4144 N. Central Expressway, Suite 380
Dallas, Texas 75204