Reclaiming Authenticity: Breaking Free Men’s Therapy Group

Meeting Time:  Thursdays 7:30-9 am Every 2 Weeks

This group requires participants to have completed either the Reclaiming Authenticity Family of Origin Intensive with Erin, Survivors I at The Meadows, or another Post Induction Therapy Family of Origin intensive workshop facilitated by a Meadows trained therapist.  This group will focus on addressing the core issues identified by participants during their intensive workshop, including: Self-Esteem, Boundaries, Reality, Dependency, and Moderation/Containment. You will continue to gain insight for your personal growth and have access to support in your recovery in the group setting. Materials referenced in group include: Breaking Free workbook and The Intimacy Factor by Pia Mellody. The groups meet every other week. Six person maximum group size.  2 Spots currently available.


Erin Wysong



4144 N. Central Expy., Suite 380

Dallas, Texas 75204