“Growing Older Without Fear”

The Nine Qualities of Successful Aging

by Dr. Gary Kindley

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What is your greatest fear about growing older? Losing your sense of humor? Losing your looks? Losing your memory? Losing your sense of control?With wisdom and wit, Growing Older without Fear takes a fresh look at the process of aging and gives fear a kick in the rear. Dr. Gary Kindley reveals the nine characteristics that are essential to thriving through all of life’s changes. With a variety of coping strategies and cross-cultural viewpoints on aging, he outlines an action plan to help anyone age with grace. He also examines the results of a national survey of people’s concerns, successes, and discoveries about growing older, helping to combat stereotypes on aging and the elderly. Growing Older without Fear also includes interviews with:

  • Dr. Ronald Peterson, Mayo Clinic Alzheimer’s researcher and physician to President Ronald Reagan
  • Gerontology, Psychiatry, and Internal Medicine experts
  • Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) experts on new alternative medical approaches

How do you want to spend your golden years? Growing Older without Fear will inspire you to make the most of every moment.

“A book that will inspire and help those facing their senior years without trepidation… Dr. Kindley’s national survey on aging will be a resource for whoever wants to face the future with enthusiasm and optimism…”

Hon. Tom Leppert (Former Mayor)
City of Dallas, TX.